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Inseeya is internationally renowned for her Tarot card reading and Reiki energy healing. A qualified engineer by profession, she has been a Holistic and Wellness specialist since more than 21 years.

Inseeya started her work from Hyderabad, India in 1997 and till date has clients all over the World. She has her talk shows on TV and Radio and also writes for newspapers and magazines. Her programme ‘Sitaronkibaat Inseeya kesaath’ was on ETV channel and Radio Fever Fm, Mumbai.

She believes that creating a path towards success is very important and once the path is selected,walking this path with happiness is of utmost importance.

Inseeya’s Holistic experience includes

  • Tarot-card reader
  • Reiki Grandmaster
  • Fengshui consultant
  • Numerologist

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Famous Tarot Card Reader in India
Famous Tarot Card Reader in India

Tarot Card Reading

A Tarot reading with Inseeya will help guide you through the obstacles you may be facing in your day to day life.

Inseeya with her accuracy on tarot reads and her high level of intuitions, guides the person as to what is store for him/her,how to walk towards success, what are the hurdles in their path and how to overcome those hurdles.Whether it is questions you need answering to, a situation which may be frustrating you or clarification on the outcome of an event the reading will give accurate responses directly related to you.

Inseeya has predicted celebrity Tarots and her articles on Telangana and Chandrababu Naidu in the Times of India were very accurate.She writes weekly predictions for the Telugu newspaper ‘Sakshi’.

Couple or group readings can be arranged and Phone or Skype readings are also available, please contact us for further information.

  • For Personal
  • For Couple

Reiki healing

Reiki Healing is an ancient healing technique that channels Universal Life Force Energy to heal, restore and balance the subtle energy systems within our body.

Inseeya performs Reiki Healing and crystal healings to resolve energy blockages and imbalances on the emotional, mental and physical level and helps you enter a state of deep harmony and inner peace.

Inseeya also performs distance Reiki Healing to help you improve or clear obstacles in your
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
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To energizehomes, offices, factories, etc with a positive andbalanced flow of energy

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